Parental example is the primary standard by which young children measure acceptable behavior.

Question: “What are you doing?”
Answer: “Keeping the ant warm.”

His father works in security, protecting folks from harm. His mother nurtures the young. These consistent examples of compassion are already imprinted in his “code of conduct blueprint.”

Through our example, as adults, our children already have the foundations of integrity and excellence within them. Therefore this holiday season,

  • when our children get caught up in the excitement of the holiday season,
  • when they get over tired,
  • and when visiting children model inappropriate behavior,

let’s not panic. Any temporary errors in judgement they may commit are all part of learning how to develop self-control, how to endure physical stress, and how to resist peer pressure.

Let’s remember to be gentle, soft-spoken, and kind when dealing with these occasional indiscretions. Because we already know that … what they see is what we get.

For more information go to our article entitled Transferring Values to Young Children.

( A Christmas Classic )