Family Bonds

I woke up in a time warp
Where the people were no more.
The gated homes were locked up tight
And sounds of silence bore.

“It’s Saturday at 10am!
Where have the children gone?
Where are the bikes and roller skates?
Where is their laughter’s song?”

The world has changed. It was explained.
They’re in their homes online.
They’re in their pj’s, Wii in hand.
They’re bonding over worlds-in-time.

The family unit’s still intact.
No village need apply.
For folks are huddled in their homes
While all the world goes by.

My eerie walk was ended now.
I settled in my chair.
Wondering what had happened
To my 1950’s fare.

I checked my phone – no calls were missed.
Then read my FaceBook News.
My grandson climbed up on my lap.
We opened Apps with clues.

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