Halloween’s Open Door

It’s Halloween. A day that people either love or hate. There is not much middle ground here. Either folks go all out dressing as witches and vampires, or they avoid it at all cost, preaching the origin as pagan and demonic.

No matter what side of the issue you stand on, it’s a holiday we all have to deal with. Your children may be dressing as biblical characters and going to church, or they may be plotting their course through the neighborhoods with the biggest houses. No matter which direction they scatter, it is important we remember that this is an opportunity to minister love.

On the other side of your door will be the innocent young ones or worldly children who may be lost and forgotten. They may be scared or greedy. Too young or too old. Too timid or too aggressive. Whatever the case, they are ALL God’s children and in need of love. Kindness. And generosity.

This is our opportunity to plant seed in children we may never see again. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime open door to add value to a little life and a not-so-little life. So plan a strategy in which they will never forget your house and the love that lives there.

Tonight  the world will come to our doors. They will be looking for candy. The question is, what will they find? Will it be a smile and gentle conversation, or will it be a dark door with curtains drawn. From this night on, our houses will be labeled. Will they be known as the houses where love dwells? The choice we make will last a lifetime.

~ A Faith Classic ~


New Research …

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Update #2: October 9, 2014 – More research!!! Published in Forbes Magazine here.

Update #1: October 6, 2014 – A few years ago we wrote an article about multitasking and its resulting cognitive consequences. New research now confirms that neural function is compromised in such an environment.

To read the update including our original article, go here: Multi-Tasking – Part of a Modern Day Dichotomy.