Strategies for Holiday Thankfulness

The Holiday Season.

A time to be thankful.

A time to look inward to a heart of gratitude.

In theory.

But what if – at the moment – you don’t want to be thankful? What if your life, right now, is not going as planned? What if there is not enough chocolate in your secret stash to help you overcome? What do you do then?

  • First, it often helps to remember that whatever you are going through, you are not alone. The Lord of Heaven’s Armies is with you!
  • Secondly, do not compare yourself, your life, or your current circumstances to any one else.  We are all dealing with “issues,” even if they don’t show … even on Facebook.
  • Thirdly, one constant truth is that “everything changes.” It’s the nature of life on earth. And until you pass through the Pearly Gates, life will remain in a constant state of flux. So as challenging as life seems right now, remember that circumstances will change and your light will brighten.

In the meantime, to help bring you out into the sunshine, here are a few “strategies of thankfulness” to ponder:

1. Be thankful in all circumstances – not thankful for the trouble, but thankful that you are coming out. Even if you can’t see how to get out!

We once had a friend in terrible pain. When he asked what to do, we suggested what we had heard a minister say once, that he find something to be thankful about. Knowing this principle was his way out, we gently said “Turn your heart to God and sincerely thank Him for one thing.” He bowed his head, paused, then grew silent for a while. Finally he said “Thank you, Lord, for the grass.” And then his sincere heart led him to be thankful for the porch. The iced tea … and his healing. He recovered quickly.

images (4)2. Forgive. Carrying around unforgiveness contaminates our peace and eats away at our bodies. Even if it is ourselves that we must forgive.

We have all done stupid things. Said stupid things. Asked ourselves “What were you thinking?” We have all been cheated on, lied on, stolen from, hurt, and betrayed. Living in this world – a world which thrives on deceit and death – is part of our earthly experience. We should not be surprised when man lets us down. But we must not carry around the wrong, and burden ourselves with such a heavy load. Let it go! Let … it … GO!

3. Be kind. The other day I received the nicest email from a website visitor. It was a short “Thank you for keeping this website up-to-date … I continue to learn …” That was it. A thoughtful gentleman just letting me know that I had touched a life. His gratitude moved me deeply.

Isn’t that why we are here? To encourage and serve one another? Just ask Joseph. His kind words made my day!

“And be ye kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another …”

~ A Faith Classic ~