Establishing a Healthy Mindset about … HOMEWORK!

Homework gets a bad rap. In some families, homework is considered drudgery, forced labor, and a punishment.

In reality, homework is actually an opportunity to reinforce skills learned earlier in the day. It is an occasion to facilitate cognitive restructuring and fortify neural connections (see The Phenomenon of Assimilation.)

Downtime comes first: After school and a snack, allow your child time to play. Downtime is an important part of neural reorganization. Homework begins later, when it is time to apply newly learned information in a setting of quiet protection.

Encouragement comes next: Beginning on the first day of school, instill in your child the belief that homework is his job, his responsibility, and an act of great importance. Explain that just as an adult in the family works to gain income, the child works to gain knowledge. That is his job. And by accepting the responsibility for his own education, you plan to reward him.

  • You will treat all of his papers with great honor.
  • You will provide him with the quiet time, guidance, pencils, paper, notebooks, hole punch, and organizational skills necessary to complete each assignment. And,
  • You will respect him as he strives to learn.

Praise – the final word: End every homework session with good words of praise. Show your child that you are pleased with his efforts.

Reinforce a healthy mindset about homework by honoring your child.

– End –


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