Chalk Portrait

Introduce your child to “Representational Art” – giving his inner person a voice.


  • Brown paper bag (ironed flat)
  • White chalk

On Friday: Help your child make a list of his favorite toys, collections, or areas of interest. Next, have him choose one topic from the list to use as the subject of the chalk drawing. (Below is a framed chalk drawing of a pair of tennis shoes I saw hanging on a wall in a podiatrist’s office.)

Directions: Arrange the object(s) to be sketched. Cut open a heavy brown paper bag and lay it flat. You may want to iron out the wrinkles. Have your child use white chalk to draw what he sees, interpreting the objects in his own way.

To prevent the finished drawing from smudging, give it a quick spray with aerosol hairspray. Dry and frame.

– End –


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