Bring your child to an awareness of architecture and building design.


  • Newspaper (classified ads)
  • recycled cardboard box
  • Black marker

On Friday: As you walk or drive around town, point out different architectural styles to your child. “Are the windows on the bank building curved/arched? What shapes do you see? Do you think this building is new or old? How can you tell?”  Then …

Directions: Lay a page of the classified ads on the cardboard. Using a black marker, draw a horizontal line ¾ of the way down the page.

Beginning at the horizon line and drawing up, your child can follow the newspaper’s vertical lines (columns) to draw buildings, stores, places of worship, etc. The area below the line is the street. Here he can draw cars, trucks, and bicycles.

If more than one child is participating, arrange finished cityscapes, side by side, along one wall to form several city blocks. (Project is messy because of the newsprint smudges – but wonderful!)

– End –


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