Help your child learn to classify objects as part of one group. Then experience this exercise in balance and design.


  • Whatever is available! Here are some suggestions:
  • yarn, string, wire, odds and ends
  • a clothes hanger, embroidery hoop, or cardboard paper towel roll

On Friday: Help your child select a theme for his mobile.

A young child may want to choose a theme such as shapes, colors, the 4 seasons, the 5 senses, animals, insects, clothing, family, sea life, space, … The theme for the mobile below from Pottery Barn is “Transportation.”

An older child may want to construct a multi-tiered mobile of abstract shapes and design. A collection of found objects from a walk in the woods, along the shore, or some other special interest would be ideal.


Choose a suspension method: An embroidery hoop makes a circular mobile, while a clothes hanger, paper towel cardboard, dowel, twig, etc, may also be chosen.

Construct objects to be hung using any of the supplies listed above. Then suspend objects using varying lengths of yarn, string, or wire. Adjust spacing of suspended objects so that the mobile is balanced. Hang up high.

– End –


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