Help your child develop an awareness of textile construction and design.


  • construction paper, wallpaper samples, or magazines
  • razor blade knife (for adult only)
  • scissors/glue/tape
  • optional: clear contact paper

On Friday: Heighten your child’s awareness of how fabric is made by accompanying him on a weaving expedition. Look for fabrics in which colored threads have been woven through to form a pattern. (This is known as a “yarn-dyed fabric.”) Some afghans, plaid dish towels, and upholstery materials are examples. In contrast, some fabrics have the pattern printed on – instead of woven-in. In this instance, the fabric is woven first and a pattern is added using a printing machine.

Adult: Leaving a one inch border on ALL sides, cut horizontal or vertical lines in a large sheet of heavy paper. Lines may be wavy, straight, or in combination. Be sure to leave the borders attached on all four sides.

Child: Cut narrow strips of colorful or patterned paper and weave each strip into the above form. Be sure to alternate strips. Now glue or tape the ends in place so that they will not slip. Trim edges. Sign the work of art.

Optional: To convert the weaving project into a place mat – cut a large piece of clear contact paper and cover both sides. To ensure that the mat is waterproof, be sure to leave a small border of contact paper on each edge.

– End –


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