TRAILS – The Read-Along Independent Literacy Series

Print these mini-books your child can read and illustrate – independent of adult assistance.

In the beginning: TRAILS began in the early 1990’s as a pilot program for at-risk kindergarten children and their families. By bringing reading material into the homes of kindergarten children, the primary mission of The Read-Along Program – family literacy – was realized.

The second edition: In keeping with this central theme, we have developed a second-generation program using simple text, which is available here – free – online. The purpose of this version of TRAILS is to provide children with printable mini-books they can read and illustrate, independent of adult assistance. (see The Imagination Station for an explanation of the value of illustrating.)

I can do it all by myself: When provided with the appropriate tools, children will develop a sense of ownership and control over their own learning. To this end, we have written the text in this series using high-frequency words (see I Can Read). We have also designed the books in a simple, easy to construct format.

Directions: Print each page, encouraging your child to cut out the 4 mini-pages, draw the illustrations, and staple the book together.

 My Cat

 My Dog

 Two Balloons

 Jump !

 1, 2, 3

 I Go


– End –


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