Speech Delays – Part 2

In Part 1, we discussed the complex issues involved in speech delays. In that article, we included a few links to further add to a parent’s resources. However, although scientifically developed time-tables and research can be helpful, there is another factor to consider.

Think about this: speech is only one form of communication. For most people, it is the dominate vehicle through which thought is shared. But for a few of us, speech takes third place. If given a choice, we would rather express what our hearts are saying through music and art.

For example, when no words can express a certain adult’s emotion, passion driven fingers on piano keys can say it all. The same is true for a sculptor. Or for the painter whose communication best takes place with a paint brush and canvas.

The 2 year old boy below is spending an hour expressing himself through painting. (An average child this age would last 5 to 7 minutes.) Something deep within this not-yet-verbal child is being expressed. He is tapping into his well of communication.




























Art by Anthony, age 2 yrs., 2 months! Amazing!

So while you are waiting for your child’s words to emerge, give him a “free expression day.” Allow him to communicate with a paintbrush, as you discover the beauty he has been hiding within.


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