Speech Delays – Part 4


We have an associate whose son crossed the 2 year/3 month threshold and still was not talking. After consulting with her on our Speech Delays – Part 1 article, she conducted an experiment for us by temporarily putting her family on a gluten-free(GF)/dairy-free(DF) diet.

She began by writing a menu containing some of her son’s favorite foods. Because this diet change was an experiment, she did not want to invest a lot of money into specialty foods. So she bought a few staples to supplement their meat/potato/vegetable/fruit diet – enough to take her through a few weeks:

  • almond milk(vanilla flavor)
  • almond flour
  • GF frozen waffles
  • corn tortilla chips
  • rice cakes
  • GF cereal
  • rice or corn pasta
  • a few GF/DF frozen dinners

Armed with the above supplies, both mother and son began this new eating regimen. Below is a brief log of her findings to date:

  • Day 1: Day was normal until around 5:30pm. Son did not want to watch his favorite video or any TV. He just wanted to play quietly. At 7:30pm, he signaled that he wanted to go to bed. Quietly. Without any meltdown or resistance.
  • Day 2: Same as Day 1.
  • Day 3: Son said “DaaDee.” Only said “DaaDaa” before.
  • Day 4: Son’s appetite increased. Liked ground beef and ate it! Less picky about food choices.
  • Days 5 & 6: Accidentally ate wheat gluten in some McDonalds’ hash browns and sausage. Slept fitfully for two days but slept for 12 hours each night.
  • Day 7: Mother noticed that SHE was thinking more clearly – increased cognitive function.
  • Day 8: Son said “Na Na,” as in “No.”
  • Day 9: Son said “HaDau” as in “Hot Dog.”* Said “Bir” as in “Bird” while watching a children’s video with a bird in it. Mother also noticed improved behavior. Story time at the library went well. Son is more patient. Gets frustrated less.

* Note: Keep in mind that speech development begins with initial sounds – the first letter and vowel sound of a word. Ending sounds do not arrive until sometime later. (See A Rhyme in Time)

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