Speech Delays – Part 6

continues …

We have an associate whose son crossed the 2 year/3 month threshold and still was not talking. After consulting with her on our Speech Delays – Part 1 article, she conducted an experiment for us by temporarily putting her family on a gluten-free(GF)/dairy-free(DF) diet. In the last post, we began to publish an anecdotal record of her family’s journey into the world of GF/DF living. We continue …


Day 11: New phrase: “Ut oh!” When he drops a toy “Ut oh!” When he spills juice “Ut oh!” This is significant because it demonstrates his new ability to control sound. Also, son was listening to his parents discuss a recipe and when Daddy said “cocoa,” the son repeated it. This further demonstrates his emerging ability to speak at will.

Days 12 – 15:
– Our associate’s quest for tasty non-dairy cheese has finally succeeded – RICE CHEESE!
– Coconut milk ice cream in yummy! And very rich.
– In the past week, son has spoken five new words including “Bable” for “Bible,” which is a two syllable word. He is demonstrating more control over sounds, continuing to generate specific consonants and vowels at will.
– When playing blocks with Daddy, he repeated the word “airplane” very clearly, another two syllable word.
– He found the “g” sound and has been babbling it, practicing it at will.

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