Speech Delays – Part 7

concludes …

We have an associate whose son crossed the 2 year/3 month threshold and still was not talking. After consulting with her on our Speech Delays – Part 1 article, she conducted an experiment for us by temporarily putting her family on a gluten-free(GF)/dairy-free(DF) diet. In the last post, we began to publish an anecdotal record of her family’s journey into the world of GF/DF living. We continue …


Days 16 – 21, which ends this anecdotal record:
– Early one morning our associate was in the kitchen and her son was watching PBS cartoons. When she came into the room, she asked “What are you watching?” Her son replied, “Car.” Then she looked at the cartoon about … a car!
– New words: “Behave, and Up-eee” (after daddy throws him in the air).
– Our associate served a controlled Thanksgiving meal with GF/DF stuffing and pie crust.
– Said “Apple” clearly. Then “Kiwi!”

GF/DF chocolate chip cookies! Can’t taste the difference!

Conclusion: Our associate’s three-week experiment has yielded significant results in jump-starting her son’s speech. For the first time, he has developed a small vocabulary consisting of one and two-syllable words.

Initially, our associate was disappointed that she did not see more progress in his speech the first week. It took that long for the gluten and dairy/casein antibodies to leave his system. However, after that, steady progress was evident in his speech patterns and newfound ability to make more vowel and consonant sounds.

When he is tired, he tends to revert back to pointing rather than speaking. But this is more a matter of habit than it is ability. He’s come a long way in twenty-one days. In the past two weeks, he has plainly spoken 22 new words – on his own. And this is just the beginning!

– End –


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